The purpose of the AMN Program is to support lifelong learning about Acadiana’s environment and natural history and to support a community of volunteers, stewards and advocates committed to nature conservation and preservation.

Acadiana Master Naturalists

Acadiana Master Naturalist Program

Acadiana Master Naturalists accept applications from October through December for the following years Spring program. The program begins in January and ends in June. Please see our Master Naturalist page for more information.

AMN-Birding Program

The Acadiana Master Naturalist-Birding program provides instruction and field time. The program begins in August and ends in May of the following year. The workshops are approximately once a month, with 2 overnight trips. This program is offered every other year. Our next program will be 2019-2020 Please see our Birding Class page for more information about this program.

bird in a tree

CENLA Master Naturalist Program

CenLaMN   Please see our CenLA page for more information and the application page for the application form. Applications are due in September.

Recent Blog Posts

Wildlife note taking

When you’re out in nature, you may stumble upon wildlife tracks and actual species. Here are some tips to record those moments. Record habitat, time and date. Focus on key characteristics to help in wildlife identification. For mammals, what are the general markings, facial patterns, size, and appendages such as...

The class visits Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge

            What’s a class like for the Acadiana Master Naturalists? For the spring 2015 class, we were fortunate to get an insider’s look into the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge along Louisiana’s coast between Pecan Island and Grand Chenier. The overnight trip included lectures the first evening on coastal land loss, sea...

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