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The primary purpose of the CENLA MASTER NATURALISTS ( CMN ) is to educate central Louisiana citizens about their native flora and fauna, as well as other aspects of their environment, ecosystem and natural history.  Once certified, CenLa Master Naturalists are expected to use their knowledge and talents to educate others and assist in programs that promote and protect Louisiana’s natural heritage.


Name: _______________________________________________________________

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Acceptance to the CenLa Master Naturalists class is based on your interest, order of receipt of applications, and available space. Training will be limited to approximately 20 individuals per class.  Anyone not accepted may have an opportunity to be placed on a waiting list for the next class.

Trainees are required to attend a minimum number of mandatory training classes.

Upon acceptance there will be a $50 fee payable the the first meeting.


Experience and Interests:

In what areas of natural history and/or environment are you especially interested?









Please list any of your hobbies or talents that you feel may be of  benefit to the CenLa

Master Naturalists program.









Are there any comments that you would like to add about your interest in the CenLa Master Naturalists?









Do you have any special medical needs of which we need to be aware of?







 I agree to give 20 hours of volunteer service to the CenLa Master Naturalists to maintain my certification.   I understand that this volunteer service may be performed in venues that enhance the public understanding of Louisiana’s natural heritage.   In addition, I  understand that I should continue my naturalist training for a minimum of  8 hours of continuing education per calendar year, beginning the year after my graduation.  I am also aware that the title CENLA MASTER NATURALISTS is not to be used for any commercial purposes.



My signature is verification that I have read the above guidelines and that I am willing to abide by them.


Signature: ____________________________________________

Date: ____________________________



Volunteers are expected to uphold high standards that ensure the safety and well-being of the CMN, it’s affiliates, staff and volunteers.. Volunteers will uphold all individuals’ rights to dignity, self-development, and self-direction.  Volunteers will accept supervision and support from the CMN and professionals while involved in the training program, and will accept the responsibility to positively represent the CMN and it’s affiliates.  Volunteers will conduct themselves in a courteous, caring, responsible manner with a focus on respect, trustworthiness, fairness and good citizenship. They are expected to respect, adhere to and enforce the rules, policies, and guidelines set forth by the CMN, its affiliates and any programs to which they are specifically assigned.

Volunteer should not commit any unlawful acts and are expected to comply with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws.

I have read, understand and will abide by the Volunteer Code of Ethics. 

I certify that the information set forth in my application is true and accurate, and I authorize the CenLa Master Naturalists and/or its affiliates to verify the information.  I also certify that I am 18 years of age or older.




Please mail application to :

  Angie Normand

  332 Hwy 115

  Mansura, LA 71350

Or submit digitally to: