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Old Raccoon

She’s an old raccoon with only one youngster. It’s makes me wonder if there were more than this one or if because of her age or perhaps inadequate food supply that she only bore one. Not so uncommon in the animal world, only having the amount that you can support....

Hummingbird Rescue

While a group of children were looking through discovery boxes in our 3rd floor classroom, a hummingbird flew in through the single door and then headed to one of the skylights that is at the peak of the roof. I got a call on the walkie talkie from Loree, she...

Volunteer for Planting

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), National Fish and Wildlife Federation (NFWF) and Rainey Conservation Alliance invite you to participate in our Freshwater Bayou Marsh Restoration event on May 11th near Vermilion Bay. We will be preparing 18,000 plugs of native marsh grass for planting in the...


We welcome you to Acadiana Master Naturalist. Whether you are here to visit or to learn more or to become a master naturalist, we are excited to share our knowledge and our love of all things in South Louisiana-and more. Our site is fluid-we’re always adding more information because, as...

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Acadiana Master Naturalists at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge.

Sam Fontenot and Meadow Gaines Landry at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge.