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The purpose of the Acadiana Master Naturalists program is to educate Louisiana citizens about their flora and fauna, environment, ecosystem and natural history. We offer yearly Master Naturalist classes, volunteer opportunities and continuing education to keep learning about the environment of South Louisiana and share our knowledge with others.






The 2016/2017 Board 

Stacey Leah Scarce, AMN President, LMN Vice-President, AMN-Birding Steering Committee

Marty Floyd, AMN Vice-President, AMN-Birding Steering Committee

Maximillian Bacque, AMN Treasurer

John Dupuis, AMN Secretary

Kim Hamm, Facilitator Chair

Tara Landry, Applications/Graduation Chair

John Parker, AMNBirding Chair, AMN-Birding Steering Committee

Meadow Landry, Membership Support/Outreach Chair


2015 Alumni of the Acadiana Master Naturalist Program