Update on Lake Martin

Katherine C. King, philanthropy officer and Cypress Island Program Manager at Lake Martin wrote to tell us a few things of note to the popular reserve near Breaux Bridge, managed by the Nature Conservancy.

  1. Deer hunting is happening now and the Lake Martin preserve is in Area 9, which has slightly different dates than the neighboring Atchafalaya Basin. You can check out information — a good idea when accessing the lake — here: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/hunting/deer/seasons
  2. The Welcome Center at Lake Martin took a hit during the August floods. Although the main building didn’t receive water, the restroom facility did. The boardwalk allowing visitor access to the lake was damaged as well. Here’s what Katherine said of the recent efforts to get all back online:

    “We hope to have the facility open sooner than later. We finally found an available contractor who will be making repairs to the pavilion and public restrooms soon. It would be wonderful if we could open for the first of the year, but I am not sure that will happen. We do need to make some repairs on the Visitor Center’s American with Disabilities Association ramp, but think it is safe and usable for now.

    “Unfortunately, the boardwalk took a big (expensive) hit. We did recover some of our losses and will begin repair as soon as we can; work within the lake is determined by the (bird) rookery though, so it might not start for close to a year, after the birds have left next summer. The good news is that the section from the Visitor Center to Rookery Road, past the pavilion is still standing. Yay!!”

  3. The Nature Conservancy at Lake Martin is in need of volunteer docents. Spring is one of the busiest times at the lake, so consider being trained now. Call Katherine at (337) 342-2475 or email her at kking@tnc.org.