Introduction to CenLa Master Naturalist

The mission of Master Naturalist programs to provide natural history and environmental stewardship education to interested adults and to establish a potential corps of well informed volunteers. Almost every state has master naturalist programs. The training is typically provided in the form of 10 to 12 workshops that include classroom and field instruction. Programs are organized to be both educational and fun for all participants. The workshops include introductory material and are designed to include people who have little or no background in natural science.  Upon completion of the required number of workshops, graduates receive certification and are asked to complete a certain minimal number of volunteer hours and continuing education credits per year to maintain certification status.

drawing of snake being eaten by ants

Drawing of a snake being eaten by ants by Betsy Trammell

There are currently 7 chapters in Louisiana, located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Monroe, and Alexandria. The CenLa Master Naturalist program, based in Alexandria, graduated its first class in April 2018. Workshops  are  held on Saturdays, usually 2 per month, October through April. Locations  for the 2018/2019 class will be the West Side Library in Alexandria, Louisiana State Arboretum at Chicot Lake St Park, Allen Acres in Pitkin and Southern Forest Heritage Museum in Forest Hill. Each workshop provides approximately 5 hours of training including classroom and field work.

In the 2018-2019 year class we plan to include the following workshop topics: Geology and Soils of Louisiana, Wetlands Ecology and Water Quality, Piney Woods Ecosystems, Native Herbaceous and Woody Plants, Ornithology, Entomology, Reptiles/Amphibians, Fish/crawfish, Mammals, Ferns/ Mosses/ Fungi, Meteorology, and Astronomy.

Fee for the class will be $50 per person. Please address questions and request for application to cenlamasternaturalist@gmail.com

illustration of a green tree frog

Green Tree Frog – Illustration by Betsy Trammell

CenLa Master Naturalist Workshop List 2018/2019 (Preliminary)


9/26/18  Introduction to Class/Nature Journaling/Citizen Science (WSL) S Trammell/B Trammell/M Floyd

10/6/18  Woody Plants (LSA) Kim Hollier

10/13/18 Native Plants (Allen Acres, Pitkin La)  Charles Allen

11/3/18  La. Geology and Soils (SFHM) Jackie Richard, Mike Lindsey

11/10/18 Meteorology and Global Warming ( WSL) Tom Konvicka

TBA  Astronomy (WSL) Roger Breedlove

TBA  Nature Potpouri (SFHM)

1/26/19 Louisiana Bears/ Feral Hogs (SFHM) Paul Davidson/Gene Cavalier

2/9/19  Insects (SFHM) Stacy Blomquist

3/9/19  Pine Forest Ecology (SFHM) Emlyn Smith

TBA  Wetlands Ecology (SFHM) Angela Capello

TBA  Crawfish/Fish (SFHM) Jay Huner/ TBA

TBA  Reptiles and Amphibians (SFHM) Bones Glorioso

TBA  Birds (WSL) Erik Johnson

LSA -Louisiana State Arboretum, WSL-West Side Library

SFHM- Southern Forest Heritage Museum


To apply for the CenLa Master Naturalists, please visit our Application Form Page


CenLA Board of Directors, Officers and Board Members

Marty Floyd-President

Leesia Marshall-Vice President

drawing of a Golden Orb Weaver spider

Illustration of a Golden Orb Weaver by Betsy Trammell

Willis (Sonny) Trammell-Secretary

Betsy Trammell-Treasurer

Roger Breedlove

Jackie Duncan

Angie Norman

Mary Ann Reddock

Jay Huner

Paul Whitehead

Angela Capello